Only users with “Chatter Auto Translator Admin Permission” can do this operation. Auto translator is inactivated right after Chatter Auto Translator is installed. Activate it as follows.

  1. Choose “Chatter Auto Translator” in the Application.
  2. Click the tab “CA Chatter Auto Translator Settings” and choose “Edit.”
  3. Tick “Chatter Auto Translator Activation” to activate auto translator. (Untick it to inactivate.)
  4. Activate (inactivate) translator API. In case a trial key is registered, tick “Bing Translation Activation” and “Google Translation Activation” to activate translator API. (Untick to inactivate.) Enter API key to activate translator API in case of an official license key.

5. Press “Save” to settle the change.



Last Update: 2023年10月26日
2019年6月18日Function (Rosetta)
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