Refer to ” Get a trial key” if you would like to use a trial version. This is how to get “an official license key“. Only users with “Chatter Auto Translator Admin Permission” can do this operation.

  1. Choose “Chatter Auto Translator” in the application.
  2. Click the tab “CA Chatter Auto Translator Settings” and choose “license Request.”
  3. Tick a license key you perchase and press “Next.” Refer to “license type” about the license details. Only license key available is displayed on the screen.
  4. Check the type of a license key again and press “YES.”
  5. Screen and message below are displayed and the request for an official license key has been done. Please wait for awhile, We will send you an e-mail from our company in a separate email.
Last Update: 2023年10月26日
2019年6月18日Licence (Rosetta)
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