• Chatter Auto Translator supports user licenses, except for the following <<Unsupported user license types>>
  • Chatter Auto Translator automatically translates posts and comments made by users of the supported user license types.
  • Chatter Auto Translator does not automatically translate posts and comments made by users of the  <<Unsupported user license types>>. However, it is possible to read the results of the automatic translated posts and comments made by the supported users as normal Chatter posts and comments.


<<Unsupported user license types>>

  • Authenticated Website
  • Chatter External
  • Chatter Free
  • Chatter Only
  • Customer Community Login
  • High Volume Customer Portal
  • Identity
  • Partner Community Login
  • Work.com Only
  • User license types that do not support custom objects (please refer to the Salesforce.com online manual for more information)


Last Update: 2023年10月26日
2019年6月18日Licence (Rosetta)
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