• The information in this article is current as of June 19, 2019. Please check the price page of the translation API provider when you contract.
  • We are not responsible for the contents and results of any contract between you and a translation API provider.


Rosetta (former known as Chatter Auto Translator) has a selectable translation API, and the services and their fees are as follows.

  • Google Cloud Translation API “Pricing” (external website)
    • You will be charged monthly based on translation usage. The amount of usage is calculated in millions of characters.
    • The price is 20 USD / 1 million characters.
    • The amount of usage is determined by counting the number of characters to be translated. For example, “今日の東京の天気は晴れです。” has the 14 characters that is counted as usage.
    • The price is calculated proportionally and billed according to the number of characters actually translated. For example, if you translate 75,000 characters per month, you will be charged $1.5.


  • Microsoft Translator Text API “Cognitive Services pricing—Translator Text API” (external website)
    • Free and paid subscriptions are provided.
    • Free subscriptions can be used up to 2 million characters of any combination of standard translation and custom training per month. If you reach the maximum amount of translation usage, your use will be limited. You will not be charged for any excess of the Free level.


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