The approximate calculation method for the number of API requests**1 is as follows.

  • (A) 15 requests per 1 language translation
  • (B) 25 requests of common processing
  • (C) Total requests per post = (A) x number of languages + (B)

You can multiply (C) by the number of posts per day to calculate the number of API requests per day.
Calculation example:
If you translate 50 posts into two languages per day,
(A) = 15 x 2
(B) = 25
(C) = (15 x 2) + 25 = 55
then the number of API requests per day = (C)×50 = 55×50 = 2,750 requests.
**1 This is an approximate value. The calculation results may vary depending on the configuration options and the presence or absence of mentions in the post.

Last Update: 2023年10月26日
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